Rain and Sun For The Weekend

We’ve certainly seen day to day changes this week, and now, we’ll even have changes within each day as we go into the weekend. 

Let’s start with today.  This morning is dry, mild and muggy with the breeze picking up.  A few scattered showers develop this afternoon, but the focus of the constant, heavy rain remains off to our west through the evening.  That means, although a passing shower or two is possible for the Sox game this evening, the brunt of the rain holds off in Boston until after midnight.

The soaking rains come through tomorrow morning, and at a time, it’ll look like the day is a washout.  It won’t be.  Those intraday changes tomorrow help us out as morning rain turns to a dry midday and afternoon as some afternoon sun returns with lowering humidity.  Temps in the afternoon warm into the mid 70s on average.

Sunday, we’ll start dry, and much the the day is dry, but in the afternoon a pop-up passing shower is possible.  It’ll be cooler Sunday with temps ranging from the lower 60s over NE Mass to the upper 60s southwest of Boston.

Monday-Wednesday, there is a rain drop on the 7day each day.  That rain drop represents about a 40% coverage area of scattered showers each afternoon.  The pattern is slow to move and that means not much day to day changes to begin the week.

Enjoy the weekend!

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