In these final hours of 2014, we reflect (briefly) on another big year weather-wise. The blizzards, the Revere tornado, the drought through the summer. Stark reminders of who really wears the pants in the weather world.

Another cold night in store as temperatures continue to tumble down the rabbit hole. Boston – with the breeze – will be a semi-exception. We fall from upper 20s to low/mid 20s by the time the bell tolls at midnight. Elsewhere, suburbs will be in the low/mid 10s. Speaking of the breeze, plan on wind chills in the teens all night long. It’s not a significant wind, just a persistent one.

Quiet weather in the coming days – and yes, that includes Saturday. I’m not seeing that snow break out until well after nightfall – more toward the 7-9pm timeframe. What I do see is a good burst in that time, however. Enough to put down an inch or 3 in a short amount of time. (See map to the right.) 3-5 inches may fall across Central Mass and Southwest NH, but I’d focus more on the 3-4 than the 5.

As we move through the midnight hour, much of that snow will turn to a mix and eventually some ice by morning. In this kind of setup, the cold will be tough to scour out. Complicating matters is a small low pressure system that forms along the warm front – classic sign that the cold will hold in much of Central and Northern Mass/S. NH on Sunday. Plan on the slickest roads to be in that shading of magenta in the map to the right. Not fun traveling on Sunday.

Elsewhere (in those areas in green), our temperatures should be good to go. 40s and even 50s on the Cape/Islands with a totally different airmass. All of it sweeps offshore by Sunday evening.

Chilly air reestablishes itself through early next week and the pattern goes quiet again…for now.

Make it a safe, happy celebration tonight. Go easy on the sauce and NEVER EVER drink and drive.

Peace in 2015.


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