Randolph middle-schooler attacked by dozens of classmates, mom says

RANDOLPH, MASS. (WHDH) - A Randolph woman says her 12-year-old daughter was violently attacked by dozens of her classmates in an assault caught on video, and police say they are bringing charges.

Norma Picard said her daughter was walking along a wooded path to the town’s community center on Sept. 12 when she was jumped

“They take off her glasses and stomp on her. They ripped her hair out. They kicked her in the head,” said mother Norma Picard. “My daughter has a concussion. If her head hit the wrong place, they could have killed her.”

Police were called to the scene and say they arrested one of the youths and will call two more to court

While the fight happened off school grounds, the Randolph superintendent said all three of those students will face disciplinary action, and the students who cheered the assault will be dealt with as well.

“I believe our schools are safe. We do not have an epidemic of fighting. This is an unfortunate incident that occurred,” said Superintendent Thea Stovell. “It’s just sad that a small group of students can destroy the reputation of a community.”

But two-and-a-half weeks after school started, Picard said her daughter is still staying home.

“My daughter is not attending school right now – she’s recovering,” Picard said. “She wakes up every day in pain.”

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