Rash of street sign thefts on Cape could lead to deadly situations, police say

YARMOUTH, MA (WHDH) - Police in Yarmouth fear a recent rash of street sign thefts in the town could lead to deadly emergency situations.

Officials say 11 signs have been stolen in the last 10 days. They say the thefts are costly, but more importantly could delay emergency responders.

“We have nearly 1,100 different roads in Yarmouth and if the signs are missing, that can delay the emergency service from finding the location to provide assistance. It may take critical seconds or even minutes away from those responding to arrive to help someone in need when someone decides to steal a road sign,” the department said.

Officials say replacing each sign can cost taxpayers up to $100.

Signs have been stolen in the following areas: Cardinal Lane, Bunting Lane, Mockingbird Lane, Amy Lane, Skipper Lane, Parkers Neck Road, Playground Lane, Ancient Way, Cherry Lane, John’s PA, Starbuck Lane.

“It may seem to be a harmless prank at the moment, but a missing sign could have a serious outcome,” police said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police. Authorities are investigating. No arrests have been made.

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