Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston, on passing of Thomas Menino

Tom Menino and I shared more than the title of being Mayor of Boston, but also had a love for the people of Boston which sustained him every day. This gave him the passion and strength to fight every day to make Boston a better place. Yes, we sometime disagreed about issues, but we never had a difference of opinion about our respect for each other and our pride in making Boston a great city.

“I also admired the courage of Tom Menino in fighting his sickness and his love for his family. Boston is a better city because of Tom Menino and the people of Boston are grateful for his commitment and service.”

The day I left City Hall to become U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, I said, “The City is in good hands.” “Today, Tom Menino is in good hands.”

Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.