The crowds of Karen Read supporters who have loyally attended nearly two years of demonstrations are required to stay 200 feet away from the court complex now that the trial has begun, and though they said they intend to follow the court’s rules, they aren’t happy about it.

Court officials announced a 200-foot buffer zone for the trial on Monday to limit the potential influence on witnesses and prospective jury members.

Jury selection began Tuesday at Dedham Superior Court for Read’s murder trial. Charged with second degree murder, Read, 44, of Mansfield, is accused of backing over John O’Keefe, her boyfriend and a Boston Police officer, outside a home in Canton in January of 2022 and leaving him to die in a snowstorm.

Read pleaded not guilty; her defense team claims she is being framed as part of a police cover up, a believe shared by many demonstrators. Large crowds gathered outside the courthouse during multiple pre-trial hearings.

Individuals will also be prohibited from using audio enhancing devices, like megaphones, while they are protesting.

The court also ordered that no individuals “will be permitted to wear or exhibit any buttons, photographs, clothing, or insignia, relating to the case pending against the defendant or relating to any trial participant, in the courthouse during the trial.”

Law enforcement officers testifying or watching from the audience were also ordered to not wear their uniforms or to display any police emblems.

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