Taking a trip to the grocery store can be confusing at times, especially when  you’re trying to eat healthy.

“It’s organic, it’s healthy, it’s GMO free, all that stuff, but the problem is, it just has way too many calories,” said Dr. Ken Fujioka, a nutrition specialist.

Fujioka said people needed to read the labels to know exactly what they were getting these days. But, people can get too much of a good thing.

“When you take things like fruit and you grind them up and concentrate them, you’re actually making a high-fructose corn syrup,” he said.

White turkey and chicken meat are some of the best sources of low-fat protein, but if you buy it packaged, watch for added sodium. Just two ounces has 510 milligrams, which is 21 percent of the daily limit.

Yogurt is another food to look out for.

“Yogurt is incredibly healthy, but when you start adding in granola that’s high in sugar, things like that, you really create a problem,” Fujioka said.

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