Real Estate 101… Location, Location, Location

Was it a nice day?  Depends on where you live and what your perspective of nice is.  I’m willing to bet that a fair amount of folks that live inland thought it was a nice day… mid 50s to lower 60s and a bit of a cool breeze.  The folks that live along the coast, especially the Cape and Islands, meh… we can do better. Especially down across the Cape and Islands where temps held in the 40s, clouds backed in and winds gusted over 30 mph. 

Temps continue to vary from coast to inland the next couple of days as onshore winds prevail along the shorelines.  However, that wind won’t be quite as chilly, nor as strong, so the overall trend looks good Sunday into Monday.  For the runners, most of the Marathon route will likely be though of as "too warm" as afternoon temps go into the lower 70s anywhere west of Newton.  By the time you reach Heartbreak Hill, the mild air breaks down as temps slide into the 60s there and back into the mid to upper 50s in the city of Boston thanks to a developing onshore wind.  We stay dry with morning sunny skies go partly cloudy by afternoon.  Fenway likely reaches the low to mid 60s by late morning (11:05am First Pitch) and then falls back into the upper 50s in the afternoon with the sea breeze.  

Best of luck to all you running the 26.2!   

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