Recent police shootings put BPD on edge

BOSTON (WHDH) - As killings of police officers make headlines nationwide, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the news has his officers on edge.

“Not only do we have to worry about ISIS but now we’re under attack,” said Evans. “I think everyone’s a little frustrated with what’s going on now, we all look out for each other and it’s difficult times for law enforcement.”

In the past two weeks, eight police officers were killed in shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Evans also said he feels that police are not getting the same amount of respect as they used to and said he hopes his children do not go into law enforcement.

Evans said he is concerned that the changing attitudes towards police are having an effect on recruitment. He said out of a group of 65 set to graduate next year, several did not show recently and he is worried that recruits are having second thoughts.

Evans said Boston Police officers have made efforts to reach out to the community and create better relationships. He also commended local leaders of protest demonstrations for being peaceful and communicating well with the police department.

“Our main concern is that we go home safely every night to our family,” said Evans.

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