Record heat expected for early next week; could Boston see 100-degree temps?

(WHDH) — Temperatures in Boston were cool and comfortable on the last day of the work week, but with those numbers expected to rise, all eyes are on a potential record-breaking forecast on Monday.

7News meteorologist Jackie Layer says the forecast calls for high heat and humidity to start next week, with a high of 96 degrees.

“We’re still seeing the numbers tick up and up,” she said.

That would break the record in Boston of 94, set in 1929.

Worcester could also see record temperatures — the forecast is for 94-degree weather in Worcester. The record is 93, also set in 1929.

Layer says a “Bermuda high” is the cause of the spike in temperatures. A bloom of high pressure over Bermuda is carried into the area with a southwesterly wind. That air is trapped in the region before a cold front pushes it through, resulting in high temperatures and, unfortunately, high dewpoints that lead to high humidity.

That means while the forecast is “only” expected to reach 96, residents should expect a heat index that’s well into the triple digits.

And if you live in the suburbs, which tends to see slightly higher numbers, some communities may hit that triple-digit mark. “I’d put that chance at around 60 percent,” Layer said.

Though temperatures will start rising on Sunday — leading to a high of 90 forecasted on Father’s Day — that cold front will push the warmer air out late Monday into Tuesday, leading to a chance of storms before much more seasonable low- to mid-80s in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Looking beyond the 7-day forecast, Layer says to expect more of the same.

“I don’t see a big cooldown in the forecast anytime soon,” she said.

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