Record shattering snow presents problems for already struggling restaurant industry

BOSTON (WHDH) - The night before Halloween looked a lot more like the night before Christmas in Boston this year.

A record amount of snow fell in the metro area and only added to the obstacles facing the restaurant industry in the midst of the pandemic.

In Cambridge, Naco Taco employees raced to clean up after their tent collapsed under the weight of more than four inches of snow.

They flipped their heaters on, brushed the snow away as best they could and tried to salvage whatever dinner rush they could.

People prefer to sit outside more than inside so, trying to get as many tables out here as possible. Just so we have some availability for people not comfortable sitting inside,” Manager Yared Lacey said. “We have the heaters available, keeps it somewhat warm enough.”

In the South End, the tables and chairs outside Beehive were blanketed in fresh powder.

“The snow was a hit obviously. Canceling Halloween festivities was a hit. We’re trying still to make up for lost business but have a positive attitude as best we can,” Manager Sean Morgan said.

The restaurant on Tremont Street has invested heavily in plastic partitions and air filtration systems but, with many wary of eating indoors, they are hoping for better weather to round out the fall season.

“If the weather permits us we will be open on the patio tomorrow,” Morgan said. “So hopefully without any other hiccups, we can resume business as we’ve come to know it.”

Lacey agreed to say, “We want to do anything possible to keep our business.”

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