Recount confirms Massachusetts town votes to become a city

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — A recount has confirmed that the people of Framingham want the town to become a city.

Officials spent several hours conducting a recount Monday which confirmed that the vote to adopt a city form of government won by 112 votes. A total of 11,347 ballots were cast April 4.

Those opposed to the change say they wanted a recount, but they did not expect the results to change.

Framingham, with about 70,000 residents, has unofficially been called America’s largest town.

An election will be held in November to choose a mayor, 11 city councilors and nine school committee members. So far, Democratic state Rep. Chris Walsh, Selectman Charles Sisitsky and former state Rep. John Stefanini have expressed an interest in being mayor.

The new city government starts Jan. 1.

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