Red Sox fan dies after climbing on top of moving train in New York

(WHDH) — A Boston Red Sox fan from New Hampshire died Thursday night after officials say he climbed on top of a moving train in New York and was electrocuted by live wires.

A postgame celebration following Boston’s American League East-clinching win at Yankee Stadium took a tragic turn for 24-year-old Michael Vigean, of Hudson, less than an hour after the game ended, the Union Leader reports.

Cellphone video showed a man calling out to Vigean, who fell from the roof of the Connecticut-bound train just moments later, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Michael Pellicci, who took the video, told News 12 that he saw Vigean and his brother running up and down the aisles. He alerted the conductor but at that point, Vigean had already climbed on top of the train.

“He grabbed one of the brothers down and he told the brother ‘what are you doing?’ He goes, ‘I thought there was an observatory deck up there.’ He goes, ‘observatory deck? The only thing up there is 12,000 volts,'” Pellicci said. “We told him ‘another kid is up there right now, there was another kid that went up before,’ and as soon as we said that, you heard a thud and then saw a red light flash.”

The train was held up for three hours after Vigean came in contact with the electrical wires.

Vigean was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Pellicci says he hopes others are able to learn from the tragedy.

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