BOSTON (WHDH) — The Red Sox decided to increase security at Fenway Park.

The team will put dozens of barriers in front of Gates "B" and "C" to prevent any unauthorized vehicles from being driven into the park.

“More safety is good, but you have to enjoy life and not worry too much,” said Red Sox fan, Swati Mehta.

This response came after a federal recommendation, said Red Sox spokesperson, Charles Steinberg.

“When Homeland Security says, here’s a good idea, the Red Sox better have their ears open and plan to cooperate,” he said.

The plan it to plant steel and concrete posts at Fenway’s most vulnerable entrances. They will be similar to what you see at other landmark building and they can stop a car packed with explosives from crashing into the ballpark.

And fans agreed with the safety measures.

“If they’ve got information that could be necessary it’s probably better to make the place safe,” said Red Sox fan, Tom Carzon.

Fenway’s plans were in place before the Marathon bombing. They’re now in line with extra efforts around the city to make people feel safer.

“We can’t stop going. We keep on having our celebrations, keep working and that’s what they want. The terrorists want to shut us down, [but] they’re not going to shut down Boston while I’m mayor,” said Mayor Tom Menino.

The posts will be in place by August 15. Fenway said that’s just the beginning of ways to step up security around the ball field.

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