Red Sox organist bringing the electricity back to the ballpark for Fenway Faithful

BOSTON (WHDH) - Opening day is sure to look different at Fenway Park with most of the seats left empty due to COVID-19 restrictions.

But, Red Sox organist Josh Kantor will be there playing a familiar tune for the “Fenway Faithful.”

“We’ve all had a rough year and I think it will be nice to share in that camaraderie again,” he said.

Kantor has been revving up the crowds at the historic ballpark since 2003.

He spent the last year playing nearly 200 concerts from his living room and said playing to a crowd of about 4,500 will take some getting used to.

“I like the idea that someone sitting way far away from home plate can heckle the batter so the batter can hear it. So those kinds of relationships between fans and players might present different ways for me to play the music,” Kantor said. ” But it’s a wait and see. I just won’t know until I’m in it.”

The smaller crowd — only about 12 percent of what the ballpark can hold — is still a huge improvement from what things were like a year ago.

Kantor said he is happy just to have company in the stands and hopes he will get a hand from fans cheering on the Sox.

“I don’t think anybody knows quite what to expect, it’s going to be different than anything we’ve seen before. But hopefully, the people there will enjoy it and lend their energy to it to bring some electricity back to the ballpark that was definitely missing last year,” he said.

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