Moderate to occasionally heavy snow targeted the southeastern part of the state today. The cutoff was abrupt – essentially along the Mass. Pike – but the flakes did fly in Boston for a spell. No, not measurable, so the record from 1995-96 lives another day.

For those who were hoping to break the record, 1) there’s still time (never say never in weather) and 2) there’s always next year…or the year after or 5-10 years after. Yes, I’m saying we could be here again. It’s just the way these patterns seem to be evolving lately. In fact, I predict that within the next 5-10 years we’ll break that record of 107.6 inches….possibly even crush it. Hard to believe, I know, but think about how many snowstorms we had over a foot this year. Now pretend that those storms started in early (rather than late) January. Yeah, that’s how you smash a record.

Last bits of snow will be slow to move off Cape this evening. For that reason, some places may come out with a “good” foot of snow from this event. Elsewhere, clearing skies will work in from north to south.

The bitter air returns tomorrow as highs struggle to meet 20 in many spots. Sun will be brilliant, but a wind chill will make it feel like teens.

Weekend sees a turnaround of sorts, with sun blending with clouds both days. What I don’t see is a storm…not this weekend, nor in the near future. Hmmm…a weekend without a storm. What do I do with myself?

Temperatures moderate over the weekend, with some spots getting near 40 by Sunday. And yes, I’m still throwing the ball way downfield for those 50s next week.

Here’s to spring.


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