Everyone has dreams and on this day of remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream, please let me tell you a few of mine:

Dream one: give props to progress.

There's still plenty to protest about, but African Americans have a lot to celebrate, too.

According to the Census Bureau, black median income has nearly doubled; poverty has been cut by 14 percent; and the number of black college graduates has quadrupled since the march in 1963.

In politics, we have a black president in the White House, and a black attorney general leading the nation’s justice department.

In 1963, when Dr. King made his speech, there were five blacks in congress. Today there are 45, nine times as many.

Numbers aren't everything, but these are some of many statistics that reflect growth and progress.

Dream two: recognize that problems come in all colors

There was a time, and I remember it, when America had issues identified as “black issues”, including poverty, unemployment, and single parents.

But times have changed and while the economy is still tough on many African Americans, it's tough on all races.

Which brings me to dream three: know that divided we fall.

Today's march is just one more example of how we celebrate our diversity.

And while events like today's strengthen individuals and communities within our nation, they do not necessarily unify the nation.

Look, we can stay divided forever, if that's what we choose.

And there are people of all colors who will encourage that, out of fear, or prejudice, or as a way to make money.

Yes, we have a long way to go, but, on this day, we should take some pride in how far we've come.

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