(CNN) — Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a New York Democrat, pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge for falsely triggering a fire alarm in a House office building.

Bowman struck a deal with the Washington, DC, Attorney General’s office, in which he pleaded guilty to the single misdemeanor offense.

According to the terms of the deal read aloud in court, Bowman’s sentencing will be deferred for three months. During that time, Bowman will be on probation, will pay a $1,000 fine and will write an apology letter to the US Capitol Police.

If he fulfills these terms, prosecutors will drop the charge at his sentencing hearing on January 29.

Bowman was caught on tape pulling the fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building in late September, shortly before the House was scheduled to vote on a government funding bill. The building was subsequently evacuated.

It’s still possible for Bowman to face federal prosecution over the incident, though it is unclear clear whether Justice Department prosecutors are reviewing the matter. A spokesperson for the US attorney’s office in DC declined to comment.

During the hearing Thursday, prosecutors said Bowman walked past “seven uniformed officers” immediately after the incident but did not tell them what had happened.

Outside the courthouse, Bowman told reporters that the incident was “pretty embarrassing,” but said that he is glad that he is “one step closer to putting this behind me.”

“I hate the confusion that it caused,” he said, lamenting that “Capitol Police and other resources had to be used to respond to this.”

“I’m really apologetic about that,” Bowman said. “I’m glad no one was hurt.”

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