Report: 6-year-old molested children on Boston school bus

BOSTON (WHDH) - A charter school in Boston is investigating claims of disturbing behavior on a school bus.

Boston Renaissance Charter Public School has responded to a report of student sexual molestation on a school bus.

The Facebook post, shared more than 1,000 times since it was posted on Sunday, alleged that a 6-year-old boy was forcing other young students to perform sexual acts on him, bribing students with gifts and threatening violence on other students.

One mother told 7News the boy molested her son and four others repeatedly on the bus.

“There was another child that was touching him and asking him to perform different sexual acts,” she said.

She said her son never told but she found out when another student who witnessed everything told an adult. She was then notified by a social worker.

“I cried, I lost it,” she said. The mother said the school has not done anything, so she told a friend, who posted about it on Facebook. The post has since gone viral.

The school said they have passed the case on to the Boston Police Department. Police said there is nothing they can do because the legal age of intent in Massachusetts is 7 years old. Police said they referred the case to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County, which works with abused children and their families.

The Department of Children and Families and the District Attorney’s office are also investigating.

The school sent a release following the allegations:

“We are aware of the Facebook post that has been circulating regarding an alleged incident on a school bus earlier this month,” the school said in a release.

“We can assure all Boston Renaissance families that the school leadership team took immediate action and followed appropriate legal protocols, contacting law enforcement immediately upon learning of the issue. We have taken this matter very seriously and have taken appropriate measures to ensure student safety. We have also taken the appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the children who were involved.”

“This is a highly sensitive matter. We ask our school community to respect the privacy of our students and families, and allow the school to handle this appropriately.”

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