Report lists 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States

A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has listed the most stolen cars in the United States for the 2016 year, according to data submitted by law enforcement agencies.

According to the list, the Honda Accord was the most stolen list in the country with more than 50,000 vehicle thefts. The most stolen model year was the 1997, with more than 7,500 reported occurrences.

Not far behind on the list was the Honda Civic, which has been stolen more than 49,500 times. The 1998 model is the most stolen, according to the report.

The full-size Ford Pickup, full-size Chevrolet Pickup, and Toyota Camry were third, fourth, and fifth, respectively. The 2016 Toyota Camry was the newest-model vehicle on the list. According to the NICB, smart keys and anti-theft technology have helped auto thefts drop significantly.

The report also broke down thefts by state. In Massachusetts, the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Dodge Caravan were the most stolen vehicles.

In New Hampshire, the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Ford Pickup, and Chevrolet Pickup were the most stolen vehicles.

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