Report says New England states hit hardest by drug use

A report on drug use in the US says New England states are among the hardest hit by the nation’s drug crisis.

The website WalletHub compiled data on drug use and addiction, law enforcement, and drug health issues to create a list of the states (and the District of Columbia) hardest hit by drug issues.

Washington, D.C. ranked first in the website’s metrics, followed by Vermont, Colorado, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

Massachusetts ranked ninth in the study.

Other New England states include Connecticut (7th), New Hampshire (11th), and Maine (17th).

Conversely, Idaho has the fewest problems with drug use, followed by Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Other data from WalletHub included the following:

  • Vermont and Rhode Island had among the highest percentage of teen drug users.
  • Rhode Island and Vermont also had among the highest percentage of adult drug users.
  • New Hampshire has the second-highest overdose deaths per capita.
  • Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont have the fewest drug arrests per capita.
  • Rhode Island and Massachusetts have among the highest percentage of adults with unmet drug treatment needs.
  • Connecticut has the most people receiving substance abuse treatment per 100,000 users.

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