Rescue crews help wayward seal pup cross the street in Salisbury

SALISBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - Why did the seal pup cross the road?

Rescue crews in Salisbury think they know why and were able to help a wayward baby seal find its way back to the ocean Wednesday.

The Seacoast Science Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue team were dispatched to a section of Beacon Street after a police officer found a young gray seal sitting in the middle of the road.

The team shared photos of the 1- or 2-month-old seal as it lay protected behind police barriers.

“The pup is likely newly weaned from its mother and trying to figure out things on his own,” according to a post on SSC Marine Mammal Rescue’s Facebook page.

The pup was a little underweight, dehydrated and had a cloudy eye but according to rescuers, these ailments did not slow him down.

Rescuers administered some fluids and tagged the pup behind his right flipper before releasing him back into the water.


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