Resident: Screaming man smashes South End apartment door with thousand-dollar planter

BOSTON (WHDH) - A man is facing breaking and entering charges after throwing a thousand-dollar antique planter through the door of a South End apartment building and barricading himself in the basement Saturday, Boston police said.

Henry Pearson III, a resident of the West Newton Street building for 30 years, said he was worried from the start of the encounter, which began Saturday night.

“I heard the sound of someone banging on the door and I knew right then and there. It’s going to escalate,” Pearson said.

The man at the door thew a huge antique planter, which Pearson said was worth thousands of dollars, through the glass front door of the building, police said.

Pearson said he called 911 as the man ran through the building, pulling a fire alarm and screaming that people were chasing him, before barricading himself in the basement.

Police arrested the man and he was charged with breaking and entering and vandalism. Pearson said the break-in will lead to changes at the building.

“I guess from this point on, we’ll have to get a solid door and not a glass section like this,” Pearson said.

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