Residents angry at new seat-saving method for clam festival

YARMOUTH, Maine (AP) — A Maine town’s annual clam festival parade is surrounded by controversy — with residents saying that people are taking a seat-saving tradition too far.

Yarmouth residents use various types of chairs to informally reserve seats to watch the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival parade on July 21. But residents say a new trend of tying ropes to reserve space is taking up entire sidewalks.

On the Yarmouth Community Network’s Facebook page, resident Jenna Grant commented she saw a rope cordon off around 10 feet of space, arguing it’s getting out of hand. Resident James O’Keefe says the chairs feel nice and inclusive, unlike the ropes.

Yarmouth police say there aren’t any rules when it comes to roping off areas, but they are asking people not to do it.

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