Residents come together to help goose named “Peapod”

Fargo, North Dakota (WHDH) — People in a Fargo, North Dakota neighborhood are concerned about “Peapod.”

That is a nickname given to a goose that has been living on a pond for a few months. That pond is now frozen and Peapod has a broken wing.

Neighbor Jon Bennett said the bird has been living on the pond with a broken wing since August and the entire neighborhood is taking care of it.

The neighbors claim animal control won’t help rescue the bird.

Adding that it seems no one can do anything to help Peapod.

“There has been a lot of neighbors that have been keeping track of him everyday,” said neighbor Jon Bennett. “We usually take turns feeding him in the summer and there has been quite a few people trying to rescue him and he just won’t let anyone come near him.”

Neighbors say they have tried calling the zoo and animal control but they were told nothing could be done. Neighbors were told they had to catch the bird for themselves.

“You just feel kinda helpless,” said Bennet, “he is out there, he has a broken wing, we don’t know how long it’s been broken, but he can’t do anything and he needs help and there is nobody out there who could help him with much.”

And it is not just the neighbors in the area who are helping.

Miranda Roen lives in Moorhead and has offered her house as a home for the goose.

“He could bring the goose in and put it in my garage,” said Roen, “until a better home was found like a rehabilitation center somewhere.”

Bringing the people in the FM area closer together.

“I think it’s pretty neat that people are getting together to help out one small little bird,” said Roen. “I think that’s really important and a very valuable thing for a community to do together.”