Residents coming and going on Nantucket ahead of Jose

NANTUCKET, Mass. (WHDH) — While people are heading out on the ferry to get off of Nantucket before Jose’s rain and winds arrive, others are coming to the island to prepare their homes for the storm.

Preparations for Jose are already underway on Nantucket. The town pier closed 5 p.m. Monday, along with the boat moorings and anchor sites. Boat owners are pulling their boats out of the water. Officials also removed all the public access ramps at beaches in anticipation of high tides.

Downtown, trash cans and other objects that could become airborne were cleared away and barricades were put up to block off roads that tend to flood. National Gris also has trucks on the scene in case of any power outages.

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Despite the storm on its way, residents and tourists were still around Monday.

“It’s a little unfortunate that we have to leave a little bit early but we’ve enjoyed our stay,” said Dennis Ligenfelter, who is visiting Nantucket with Adam Pawlak. Both are from Chicago and Pawlak said they are leaving Nantucket in time before the storm hits.

Officials said no ferries have been canceled yet but they are anticipating cancellations Tuesday and Wednesday.

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