FOXBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - Residents in Foxborough said they are being terrorized by aggressive turkeys.

Animal Control said they are getting numerous calls about the turkeys chasing after people and even attacking them.

“I had one fly into the side of my car,” said Jenn Prescott.

The turkeys seem unafraid of anything and Susan Brown said calls to the police do not even help.

“Police will come and put their sirens on and it doesn’t even scare them,” said Brown. “They go after the tires.”

Brown said she sees the turkeys go from yard to yard in her neighborhood in search of food. She said some people will throw bread at the birds and that makes them come back.

Animal Control said leaving food for the turkeys does make them come back. They also go after bird-feeders.

Animal Control is working on wrangling up the turkeys. In the meantime, they urge residents to not run away if they see the turkeys, as it makes them get more aggressive. Spraying water at the birds is suggested to scare them off.

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