Residents evacuated from building as busted hydrant floods Beacon Hill

BOSTON (WHDH) - Water from a broken hydrant flooded Beacon Hill Saturday, leading officials to evacuate a building for fear of structural damage.

The water poured into an apartment building on Anderson Street and flooded the basement, knocking bricks loose from the sidewalk.

“It was just a river of water coming down Anderson Street and it looked like a big section of the sidewalk was taken out by the water,” said resident Brett Jackson.

City inspectors were worried about possible structural damage to the building, so they told everyone inside to pack a bag and get out while engineers inspect the area.

Boston Water and Sewer teams shut off the water by Saturday evening, but don’t yet know what caused the break.

“It could be vibrations from local work but how now would we determine that at this point?” said Boston Water and Sewer spokesman Stephen Mulloney. “The fact that we know is that the condition of the pipe itself, the hydrant, is not likely a factor at all.”

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