BOSTON (WHDH) - Residents of a neighborhood in Boston are upset and dealing with chaos after they say the city abruptly changed the name of their street, giving them no advanced notice.

Bostonians living on what was once known as West Roxbury Parkway in West Roxbury say city workers recently put up new street signs that read “Park Front Road.”

Neighborhood residents say they have since put up their own signs on trees and poles that read “West Roxbury Parkway” because there have been problems with deliveries and others not knowing where they live.

Deeds on homes in the area have addresses listed as West Roxbury Parkway but the street is officially registered in the city as Park Front Road. The sign change was made when a resident recently contacted the city about signage and gates, and the city realized that there were no posted signs to begin with

“I have medication delivered to me and they didn’t know where to deliver it based on the signs,” concerned resident Dave O’Donnell said.

While a GPS search made by 7NEWS still showed the street listed as West Roxbury Parkway, residents say they are now dealing with delivery issues, but they are more concerned about their safety.

“When we call 911, do we tell them to come to West Roxbury Parkway or Park Front Road?” resident Jay Moran asked.

In a statement, the Boston Transportation Department said, 7NEWS “We understand that there is confusion amongst the residents…Some of the properties have been using an address with West Roxbury Parkway instead of Park Front Road. We are working with the residents to address the signage and GPS-related issues.”

O’Donnell urged the city to take down the signs because he says they were put up “inappropriately” and “incorrectly.”

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