Residents on alert after coyote spotted roaming through West Roxbury

BOSTON (WHDH) - Residents are on alert in West Roxbury after numerous coyote sightings, including one early Saturday morning.

This is the fourth coyote spotted in the area this year, and residents say this is something they’re getting used to seeing.

Photos sent to 7NEWS by a viewer show the coyote stopped in front of Carolyn Parker’s home on Crosstown Avenue.

She said she had no idea the animal was even there.

“I would totally be more vigilant,” Parker said. “You know, be more aware, make sure I watch for signs of it and make sure I call animal control if I see anything.”

The first coyote was spotted in January, the second in February and the third this past April.

“I mean they shouldn’t be in the neighborhood,” Jay Craven said. “But that is part of them losing where they live.”

Craven says he is concerned about the quality of the coyote’s habitats.

“They are moving here for a reason, not just because, ‘oh hey, let’s have their trash tonight,” he said. “They’re losing their habitat so, ‘where are we going to go? We are going to the neighborhoods.”

Local animal control officials say the animals are likely hungry and looking for food in trash cans.

They are urging residents to keep their children and pets inside at all times.

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