BOSTON (WHDH) - Residents of a neighborhood in Jamaica Plain are calling on the city to do something to help them deal with what they say are increasingly dangerous interactions with coyotes after one was caught on camera carrying the body of a small pet dog down the sidewalk.

Anthony Barron, who caught the coyote with the dog on camera, said he was surprised to see the coyote trotting down the street with the dead animal in broad daylight.

“I pulled up and I saw the coyote coming across the street, and I thought it had a fox in its mouth but it dropped what was our neighbor’s dog onto the ground, looked at me, and carried on about its business,” he recalled.

Melissa Foley said it’s “unfair” that she has to live with coyotes coming in and out of her yard, where her children play.

Mass Wildlife spokesman Dave Wattles said the behavior the coyotes are exhibiting are not unusual and don’t require intervention.

Residents are being urged to keep their pets on a leash, remove food sources from around your home.

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