Residents relieved as manhunt for murder suspect ends

LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) - Residents are relieved as news of a murder suspect, finally found, spread across Lowell Friday.

“Now the manhunt can stop and life can get back to normal again,” said one resident.

The search for Ross Elliot had been underway since Thursday morning when police say he murdered his ex, 44-year-old Nicole White.

Friday, Elliot was found dead inside the trunk of a woman’s car. She didn’t notice him there until she arrived at a doctor’s appointment in Chelmsford; according to police, she saw what she thought was a hand sticking out from the back of the car.

Officers arrived, guns drawn, but Elliot was already dead.

Police believe he got into the woman’s garage in Lowell, climbed into the car’s trunk, then shot and killed himself.

Neighbors in the area couldn’t believe the strange turn of events.

“We never heard the shot, and we never heard any kind of commotion with him trying to get into the garage,” said neighbor Karen McCarthy.

McCarthy believes Elliot may have also tried to hide at her home. She found her backyard gates open and a lattice pulled out from the deck.

“I’m thinking who else would have been in here?” she said. “It wasn’t like this yesterday, and the gates were both shut.”

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