Resistance is Futile

Take a random poll. What’s your fancy: snow or bitter cold? Based on what I’m hearing at the water cooler, in the supermarkets and the convenience stores, folks really hate the cold.

Snow we can deal with. Move it once (or twice) and it’s done. There to melt or stay, but decidedly out of the way. Cold, on the other hand, is hard to get away from…unless you hide indoors in your jammies with the heat turned up.

Those that brave the elements may be surprised how cold we’ll actually be tomorrow. Air temperatures will be cold enough to break water mains. Freeze pipes. And, combined with the wind, even freeze exposed skin. Yes, wind chills of -20 to -30 can do that in a matter of minutes. Ten to be exact (at 30 below). Needless to say, cover the hiney and limit your time outdoors tomorrow. This arctic air is especially heavy and dense, and the wind howls like it’s trying to roll out pie dough. Gusts could easily top 40mph into the morning as the air is distributed throughout New England.

This numbing cold is also on the move. No time to settle in, no time to stew for days. In fact, after lunch, the warmup will ensue. We’ll reach our highs late in the day then hold around 20 through the evening. Considering the harsh start, it’s a significant turnaround.

Light snow is in the works for Friday. Could be as much as 1″ in spots through midday. Winds will gust too as they heave out the bitter air and replace it with “just cold” air for the weekend.

Still no big storms in sight, but the pattern is more active next week.

So let it be written. So let it be done.