Restaurant sends milkshake hundreds of miles to honor woman’s dying wish

ARLINGTON, Va. (WSVN)- A woman in hospice care got to have one last sweet treat from her hometown hundreds of miles away, thanks to a good friend and her favorite restaurant.

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 50-year-old Ohio native Emily Pomeranz spent her final days in a Virginia hospital surrounded by her loved ones.

Pomeranz’s friend Sam Klein went above and beyond to honor her final wish to have one last mocha milkshake from Tommy’s in Cleveland, according to Fox 5.

Since Pomeranz couldn’t travel, Klein emailed the restaurant in the hopes of having them send a mocha milkshake to her location.

A few days later, Klein said he received a call from the owner, Tommy Fello, saying, “We will figure out a way to do this.”

Two trips to the UPS office later, a carefully-packaged Tommy’s mocha shake traveled 375 miles to Pomeranz’s room.

“She was thrilled. She shared it with her family. She talked about it for days and days. She shared the story with her friends back in Cleveland and here in the D.C. area. It was something that made everyone smile,” wrote Klein.

Pomeranz passed away about a week later.

To honor her memory, Klein has one special request for future diners of Tommy’s: “Order one of those incredible milkshakes and ask for Tommy (he is the one cooking in the middle of the restaurant) and say, ‘This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.’”

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