A Revere man is asking for justice as police investigate the brutal beating of his daughter inside a local high school.

Mike Shamaly spoke only with 7News about what he said was a planned attack on his daughter, and the lack of response from other students and teachers who may have witnessed it.

Shamaly’s daughter was grabbed from behind, punched in the face and then had her face slammed into metal lockers, all while she screamed for help and others watched.

“When you see a child get beat like that, the emotions I was feeling were helplessness, I couldn’t help her, and anger,” Shamaly said.

He said it’s painful to see the video of his daughter being ambushed from behind and beaten in her high school hallway. He said his 17-year-old daughter has never been in trouble and didn’t see the attack coming.

“What breaks my heart is seeing these kids watching. If you want to make a name for yourself don’t be a bully be a hero; jump in and help somebody,” Shamaly said.

But no one did.

Shamaly asked 7News not to identify his daughter, but he provided pictures show her injuries; loose teeth, cuts and bruises.

He said her own screams for help may have been the only thing that saved her.

“It’s absolutely terrible it really truly is for all children. I want to feel safe when my daughter leaves the house,” he said.

Police officials said they are investigating the incident and believe Shamaly’s daughter was targeted by another student.

Chief Joe Cafarelli said it seems everyone but the victim knew what was going to happen that day.

“Others were aware of it and they were anticipating the attack,” Cafarelli said. “We have video, the area of the school was under surveillance, we have our own video.”

Video from the school helped identify the attacker, who ran out of the building before she could be caught.

“The girl has threatened that she’s vowed to come back and do it again to my daughter,” Shamaly said.

The superintendent of schools said the alleged attacker was suspended for 5 days and is due back in class Tuesday. That’s when the school will set up a mediation session and could put a safety plan in place.

But Shamaly said that isn’t enough.

“Somebody has to step up and start changing the laws and regulations and rules on these things. All you’re doing is really slapping them on the hand and saying ‘OK yeah, you can do it again. No problem.’ And it’s not right,” he said.

Police said they are taking this attack seriously and are seeking criminal charges against the accused teen.

7News has also learned that police are looking into charging two other female students, friends of the attacker, with being accessories.

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