BOSTON (WHDH) — A medical breakthrough was unveiled in Boston Thursday. It’s a technology that lets paraplegics walk again, and it was combined with a major business announcement.

First came the big announcement from Argo technologies.

"We are very excited to announce that we have chosen Massachusetts as our U.S. headquarters and the headquarters of many of our global activities," said Larry Jasinksi, Argo Medical Technologies.

Then came the big moment: Army sergeant Teresa Hannigan — a paraplegic — showed off Argo technologies re-walk exoskeleton. She put her high tech wristband in walk mode, and moved around the Avimed 2012 Medical Technologies conference.

Hannigan was stricken by an auto-immune disease that attacked her neuro-muscular system. She's among 60 people worldwide using the exoskeleton according to Argo executives.

Eleven-year-old Argo technologies was founded in Israel and is a prize catch for the Bay State's 5-year-old, $1 billion life science initiative.

"Pretty exciting there are a whole host of different technologies that I have come in contact with over the last few years as we've been building the medical device and life sciences industry here that are transforming," Governor Deval Patrick said.

Hannigan can even climb stairs and was introduced to the exoskeleton at the Bronx, New York Veteran's Hospital, taking her first steps within three sessions.

She sat down with others hoping to use the system which may include war-injured veterans.

"When somebody tells you you’re not going to be able to walk again, all you can think about is all the doors that are going to be closing behind you. This is now opening all these doors for me," said Hannigan.

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