Rhode Island officials preparing to build 10 new truck tolls

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island transportation officials say they’ve received federal approval to build the state’s next 10 truck tolling structures.

The Department of Transportation said Thursday the Federal Highway Administration reviewed an environmental assessment and found no significant impact from the gantries, which clears the path for construction.

Rhode Island began tolling trucks in June as part of an infrastructure plan to repair bridges and roads.

The first two tolls are on Interstate 95 in Exeter and Hopkinton. The program has collected $3.7 million so far, tolling 1.1 million trucks.

Fourteen gantries are planned. Current law only allows for tolling trucks.

A trucking industry group is suing, saying commercial trucks are unfairly targeted.

The DOT says the next toll will come online by the spring, with the remaining nine activated over the following year.

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