Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin has determined daily fantasy sports are currently legal under Rhode Island law. 

Kilmartin has also advised the legislature to establish regulations to protect Rhode Island player. 

There is no comprehensive definition of "gambling" under Rhode Island law. These laws specifically prohibit "games of chance," as well as lotteries, except those operated by the state. 

The analysis by the Attorney General found that while daily fantasy sports have the elements of consideration and prize, whether they constitute a lottery relies upon analysis of the element of chance. 

Kilmartin also said it is clear daily fantasy sports are a mixture of game and chance. 

"Despite daily fantasy sports being legal, I believe there should be strict regulations imposed on the operation of these sites to address the issues we have experienced with gambling in Rhode Island, including infiltration of the criminal element, youth participation, and addiction issues," Kilmartin said. 

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