RI man runs around block more than 100 times in marathon to raise money for first responders

A Rhode Island man took running in circles to the extreme this weekend — going around his block more than 100 times in a marathon to raise money for first responders.

After running the Boston Marathon eight years in a row, Joe Sullivan found the new route to be a different challenge.

“Running around in circles by myself was a different mental game than Boston where there’s 30,000 other people and a million fans cheering you on, trying to push you along,” Sullivan said.

But he did have the help of fiancee Jennifer Ofstein, who cheered him on and rang a bell every time he completed a lap.

“I thought it was amazing. I was thrilled when he said that [he would run],” Ofstein said.

Other family members and friends were there as well to congratulate Sullivan when he hit the finish line three hours and 105 blocks later. Community members raised $3,000 to support first responders.

“Those folks have to go to work every day and see some of the worst that’s going on right now,” Sullivan said.

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