RI veteran hoping to reunite sentimental dog tag with its owner

(WHDH) — A Rhode Island car salesman is on a mission to find the owner of a sentimental piece of military memorabilia.

Roger Benoit says a dog tag was in left inside one of the vehicles he sold.

The dog tag is engraved with a picture of two men, one of whom is wearing a military uniform. Engraved on the back are the words “Happy Father’s Day.”

The salesman says he is a veteran and a father himself and he wants to reunite the tag with its rightful owner.

“I’m a veteran, and the gentleman who gave it to me was a veteran,” Benoit said. “And the individual in the photo is military so he’s a veteran. And I take a lot of pride that I was military so I want to make sure this person or his father gets it back.”

Benoit says he has posted photos to Facebook in the hopes that someone will recognize it.


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