RI youth and mom team up to help others find vaccine appointments

A Rhode Island youth and his mother are teaming up to find COVID-19 vaccine appointments for people in their area.

Andrew Pratt Jr., 11, and his mom Chevonne sprung into action after seeing an ad from a nearby business owner but then decided to keep going.

“We started to do this thing with kindness points,” Chevonne said. “So for every appointment he helped me find, he would earn a kindness point and at the end, he could turn his kindness points in when he reached his goal.”

That target of a virtual reality set has become secondary for Andrew, who has helped schedule 500 appointments with Chevonne so far and wants to keep working.

“Now I feel more focused on the vaccine instead because people still need these vaccines for a good cause,” Andrew said.

Chevonne said she was proud of her son, but wanted to see more help from the state.

“I really wish there were more people to schedule the appointments because that is what you really need. That is the disconnect out there,” Chevonne said.

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