Republicans had three goals tonight:

1) humanize Mitt Romney, 2) energize their party and independent voters, 3) jumpstart their convention with a big beginning.

I think the GOP scored a political hat trick.

"Tonight I want to talk to you about love," Ann Romney said.

Admit it! Love is not the word you think of when you think of Mitt Romney. And it's not likely that Mrs. Romney–in one short speech–could convince many Americans to "love" her husband.

But what she could do was make Mitt look less like a robot, and more like a real person, thanks to their real marriage. Thanks to her sincerity–she succeeded, and exceeded expectations.

Chris Christie's job was to give a hard sell for Romney, with a tough talk focused on policy, not personality.

For many Americans who haven't been paying attention to the race, this was an introduction to the Republican case against President Obama.

And Christie made it–in a serious, but not a mean way–just the way his party hoped he would.

Ann Romney and Chris Christie are as potent a one-two punch as the republicans can produce, (not counting the candidates).

And they both delivered.

Originally, I thought the Republicans would be damaged by having to delay the start of their convention.

Now I think three days will be just as good as four, and that no one will remember the GOP missed Monday.

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