Rob Gronkowski talks ‘fake news,’ says he’s ready for ‘another championship run’

(WHDH) — A day after confirming he would be back for the 2018 season, New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski said Wednesday that he is “feeling great” and “ready for another championship run.”

In a 90-second video posted by Uninterrupted, Gronkowski updated fans on what he has been up to this offseason, saying there has been a lot of “fake news” published about him.

“There’s been fake news left and right. No doubt about that,” Gronkowski said. “There’s been some real news, but I would say way more fake news.”

Gronkowski made it clear that he just needed to step back after the long 2017 season and assess where he was at physically.

“The last two months has been a grind. To see where I’m at after the season, after a run like that, playoff run, all that type of stuff, Super Bowl run, you just gotta see where your body’s at. You feel it playing the game,” Gronkowski said.

Gronkowski said he’s been taking part in some new workouts that have him feeling great and ready to roll.

“The last two months, taking time, working out, doing different types of treatment, and it’s been feeling good. It’s the best I’ve ever felt right now. Feeling great, I’ve been working out hard and I feel super, super pliable, and it’s huge,” Gronkowski said. “It’s a difference maker. But I’ve been grinding. I’m gonna keep on grinding. I’m gonna keep working hard, and I’m excited for the 2018 season. I’m ready for another championship run.”

The NFL all-pro ended his video by saying he was headed to the Bahamas to film some material for “Shark Week.”

“For all you Shark Week fans out there, tiger sharks, bull sharks, you’ll be seeing me out there on the big screen,” Gronkowski said.

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