If we were to take an atmospheric roll call, here’s what we’d find:

1) Mild Air

2) Plenty of weak storms in the jet stream

3) Complete lack of arctic air

That last part is important. Typically in winter, arctic air doesn’t have an excused absence. Put another way, in the last few years, we’ve come to expect at least occasional jabs of bitter air.

Not so this winter. One real hit on the 8th of this month, and then not a peep. Granted, it hasn’t really been warm around these parts, but we have been slightly above normal.

And we’re not quite done with the above normal temperatures. Next two days will see us average about 5-10 degrees above normal. Overnight lows will also be rather mild (in fact, I think this is the big factor in swaying the entire period to above normal). That ensures the next batch of precipitation tonight will fall in the form of rain.

Not a huge storm (see #2 above), but enough to create some big puddles for the morning drive. Afternoon may see some sun, but I’m short on promises with so many clouds left around.

Next up is another weak storm for Sunday. Temperatures may be marginal for snow at this time, but there are signs a few flakes could fall. Have our eye on that and a possible Christmas Eve/Day storm. Without the arctic air, trend is your friend. I see a wet storm at this point…with details (and colder air) to follow.


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