This is not what any candidate wants to do–cross out the word "don't" on a Time magazine cover that asks, "Why don't they like me?"

The rap against Romney has always been that he can't connect with voters, or as pollsters like to say, "people like us"

And, now, Romney is in real trouble–sinking in polls nationally…in key primary states…and even in New Hampshire.

As his poll numbers have dropped, Romney has seemed to lose his cool–for example–when he was recently asked about flip-flopping on Fox News:

"This is an unusual interview, hahaha, let's do it again,” Romney said.

And then, this weekend, Romney did it again–to himself! After Rick Perry accused him of writing two different things about health care in two different versions of his book, Romney upped the ante:

Romney: "Rick, I'll tell you what (laughs) 10 thousand bucks? 10 thousand dollar bet?”

Perry: “I'm not in the bettin' business.”

Romney: “Oh, OK, OK."

But it wasn't OK for Romney…as Perry and others pounced:

"I'm going like–Holy Mackeral! That's a lot of money to most people, but I guess not for Mitt,” Perry said.

And Gingrich kept up the pounding on Romney in New Hampshire today…

"I was startled because I know Rick Perry pretty well and I can't imagine he could cover a bet like that," Gingrich said.

Gingrich had a warning for Romney that sounds very real:

"Every voter reserves the right to change their mind up to the last minute and anyone who thinks any lead is safe anywhere is very foolish," Gingrich said.

Mitt Romney has earned his reputation as a flip-flopper, and I can't tell you what his biggest flip was.

But–if he should lose New Hampshire, or barely squeak out a win there–that surely would be his biggest flop.

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