Cue the music, cue the candidate, cue the attack:

"This is part of the president's stimulus plan…" Mitt Romney said.

His target: the Sawyer Bridge in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Built in the 1860's, there's been no traffic on it for more than a hundred years. Still, the Federal government spent more than $150,000 in stimulus funds to repair the bridge and convert it into a public park:

“This is the absolute bridge to nowhere if there ever was one,” Romney said. “That's your stimulus dollars at work. A bridge that goes nowhere. So I hope the president comes here takes a look at his stimulus program, there's a long list of stimulus programs.”

The battle of Sawyer Bridge is a small fight in a campaign that already involves the biggest, most divisive issues, like race and wealth.

“Is this going to be the nastiest campaign ever?” Hiller asked.

“ I hope not,” Eric Fernstrom, senior advisor to the Romney Campaign said. “We’re going to keep our focus on jobs and the economy.”

Hiller: “But doesn’t appear to be headed that way?”

Fernstrom: “Again, Andy, I hope it, I hope we can keep it on the issue. The issue is jobs and the economy, and who is best equipped, best qualified to lead a turnaround of this bad economy.”

TV ad announcer: “What would a Romney presidency be like?”

And to make sure voters see Romney as a positive campaigner, he released his first general election ad today…title Day One…

"President Romney issues order to begin replacing Obamacare with common sense health care reform….”

Finally, an observation:

Mitt Romney is getting better at it.

He'll never be Mr. Natural as a candidate, but he no longer looks like Mr. Awkward.

And, today, he actually looked comfortable campaigning.

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