Finally, a very, big night for Mitt Romney: a big win in a big state that should end some of the speculation he can't end this nomination fight before the GOP convention this summer.

But it's not over.

By taking Illinois tonight, Romney re-claims the momentum he hasn't had since he finished first in Florida, which was more than a month ago. And he continues to collect more delegates than Rick Santorum.

But none of that apparently matters to rick Santorum, who acknowledged it was "impossible" for him to carry Illinois.

Still, today, he was comparing himself to Ronald Reagan, and not anyone who's given up, or gotten out.

Does the number 1144 mean anything to you? It should, because that's the number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination.

Forget primaries, and beauty contests, and caucuses — it's all about the delegates. And forget excitement, too because a snail's race doesn't have any.

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