I hope you watched it. Because, if you didn't, you missed ninety minutes of debate combat! Obama and Romney didn't shout or yell, but they didn't need to–their intensity was like thunder.

Both were well-armed, but Romney's bullets were a bit better aimed, perhaps because the president has a foreign policy record, and Romney doesn't.

The debate on foreign policy hop-scotched around the world–focusing on the Mid-East, Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Israel…plus Russia and China.

Romney made one point to cover them all: the president's foreign policy is unraveling, and is not making us more secure.

The president countered that he's kept America safe and that al-Qaeda is decimated.

"Every time you've offered an opinion," the president charged, "you've been wrong."

Romney's response? "Attacking me is not an agenda."

Then, the subject would change, but the argument would remain the same.

Mitt Romney won this debate, but not by much.

Though he has no foreign policy experience, he more than held his own with the president.

And in this debate, Romney demonstrated that he could be commander-in-chief.

The first debate was a big win for Romney.

In their second debate, the president re-captured some of the ground he'd lost.

Tonight, Romney took the tie-breaker, but not by enough to break the race open.

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