This time, the expectations were not media hype: for Mitt Romney, every speech Mitt Romney's given before tonight was practice for this one.

He said he'd talk about who he is, which is confusing, because he's been running for president for five years.

Still, many Americans say they don't know him, and many who do, don't like him.

Changing that is the change Romney wanted,…but I don't his speech will change anything. What I listened for was something new from Romney…an insight, a personal story, a phrase or a memorable sentence that would finally connect him to voters–convincing them he's not a robot–and–most important–making his campaign their campaign.

I didn't hear it.

What I did hear was another speech about the failures of President Obama.

Romney ridiculed Obama's theme of "hope and change," but never offered his own. He criticized the president's performance on the economy, but spoke only in the most general terms about what he'd do in the Oval Office to improve it.

He was so short on specifics that sometimes he sounded silly:

“President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise…is to help you and your family," Romney said.

But how? That's been the question, and still is.

Ann Romney, Chris Christie, Condolezza Rice, and Paul Ryan did their part to set the stage for him, by building momentum.

Tonight, I don't think Mitt Romney built anything.

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