Right now, you're running 5th in GOP national polls, but you're fourth in Iowa, and third in New Hampshire, and you think you can win it all.

“The odds are there that I can, and that if my momentum continues, the odds grow every day, I'm convinced of that," said Paul.

Paul's momentum means the media must pay attention to him.

When asked if he was getting fair coverage from the media, Paul responded:

“What is fair? I think it's very biased so I guess that's not fair.”

He believes he knows "why.”

"I think they're fearful of allowing some of my views to get out because the establishment thinks it's a threat.”

Paul's view of limited government was a lightning rod in a recent GOP debate on health insurance:

“That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks. This whole idea you have to take care of everybody,” Paul said as he gathered applause.

Paul believes Washington should not and cannot run healthcare:

"If you believe the government should deliver medical care, or any service, you have to look at how well they did with the housing. Poor people ended up losing their jobs and losing their houses. It was a total failure and the American people know it," said Paul.

Whether or not he gets the nomination, Ron Paul has already won something significant: respect.

Not so long ago, ridicule was often the response to his calls for downsizing Washington and cutting spending.

No more.

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